Self Build Kit Houses

Self build kit houses range from small self-contained prefabricated structures, which can be craned into position in their finished state to substantial, luxurious kit homes, delivered in sections and erected on site.

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Also known as prefabricated homes or modular construction, kit houses generally refer to build systems that have the characteristics of Modern Methods of Construction with the majority of manufacture taking place off site and erection on site completed by the supplier, a builder or yourself.

Advantages of Kit Homes:

  • Reduced manufacture times.
  • Improved quality.
  • Labour reductions.
  • Fast on site construction.
  • Reduced production costs.
  • Reduction in weather delays.

Disadvantages of Kit Houses:

  • Less design flexibility (although this is not always the case).
  • Last minute changes are unrealistic.

Approvals and Requirements

As with any method of house construction planning permission and building regulations approval must be granted.

It is also necessary to have a structural warranty in place and most manufacturers of self build kit houses have arrangements with warranty providers. Ask about cover.

Self Build Kit Houses – Manufacturers

German and Swedish companies often spring to mind when you think of kit house construction and if you are a fan of Grand Designs then you will be familiar with the uber cool Huf Haus and it’s impressive construction process. Many UK companies offer kit solutions and expansion in this area is set to continue.

There are numerous suppliers offering self build kit houses. The following are some of the better known but there are plenty of others worth considering:


Potton – The UK’s leading supplier of timber framed packages.

Huf Haus – High quality German post and beam system with extensive glazing.

Cloud Nine – UK company producing prefabricated, stylish timber framed eco homes.

Modcell – Modcell have developed a prefabricated panel system using timber, straw and hemp and have designed whole-house kit solution called the Balehaus.

Benfield ATT – UK based timber frame kit company and innovators in timber construction.

Fleming Homes – Producing “one off” timber frame kit houses in the UK for 25 years.

Baufritz – German manufacturer creating individually designed, ecologically friendly homes.

Scandia-Hus – Supplier of Swedish energy saving timber framed homes.

WeberHaus – German self build timber frame specialist.


Whichever kit house or house construction method you choose, please browse the rest of The Self Build Guide for useful tips and information to help achieve your self build dream.

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