Are you doing the construction project management for your self build?

Construction project management can be carried out by a number of parties depending on your chosen build route. As you’ve arrived at this section you may have chosen to take it on yourself, in which case, let’s have a look at the elements of a self build project and the techniques you can use to control it.

construction project management


Effective construction project management coordinates all of the project’s resources, necessary to complete the build objective, within the project’s parameters.



Complete the house of your dreams!


Everything required to make it happen including:


Project constraints include:

To control your resources within the project parameters and ultimately complete your build, you should follow this simple project management process:



Click on each of the above for more detail.


To assist with the process and the overall management of your self build there are a few useful methods available:

By using these techniques you can get your project running like a well oiled machine and see it through to a successful completion.

You might even consider taking a Project Management Course.

Or, if you do get in a pickle, you could contact an independent project manager for some assistance.

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