Project Implementation: Put your self build plan into action.

Project implementation is when all that careful planning goes into action and if you’ve opted to project manage your self build, then it’s down to you to make it all happen.

Good communication and organisation are key.

project implementationTo implement the plan, the project resources need to be utilised and coordinated in accordance with the plan you have developed. Always keep in mind the checklist questions from project planning.

The most important resource is people, and to get work underway they need to know when they are needed and what is required. You need to ensure that the members of your construction team have all the materials, equipment and information they need, when they need them to get the job done.

Well before work starts, make your requirements and expectations very clear in terms of the schedule, quality, safety and coordination with others on site.

Agree payment schedules in line with their conditions and organise your cash flow so that you can make payments accordingly. Cash flow is often tight for construction trades and withholding payment can seriously affect their ability or willingness to continue your work.

Effective communication is the most important ingredient of construction project management. Good communication in advance allows everyone to proceed with a clear understanding of your overall plan and their individual responsibilities.

Remember – As project manager you are the communication hub!

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