House Construction Team

Your house construction team will consist of numerous consultants, construction professionals and tradesmen who all contribute to the completion of your new home.

house construction team


If you are a self builder and taking on the project management yourself then the appointment and coordination of these guys will be down to you.

Understanding the House Construction Team

Effective management of a construction project is helped by first having an understanding of the complex nature of the construction team.

A diverse bunch of consultants, builders and tradesmen come together and collaborate to complete a construction project before disbanding and moving on to the next one. It’s likely that many parties haven’t worked together before and each will arrive on the job with their own priorities and agendas.

In addition, there is often a lack of knowledge or understanding of other people’s skills and working requirements within the project team.

These characteristics can prove problematic, pulling the project in different directions. It can lead to conflict, delays and extra cost. It’s down to the project manager to pull the team together and steer them, and the project, to a successful completion.

Who’s in the team?

The members of the house building team will vary from build to build and the requirements will vary depending on:

The first member of your team will typically be your designer who you may even approach before purchasing a plot of land. Although we are all familiar with architects in this role, there are a number of other design options you can consider.

A standard design without any major hiccups will only require the usual suspects but a complex build could see the need for any number of consultants, contractors and contributors from the list below:



Other Designers – Kitchen, Bathroom, Interior, Landscape etc

Project Managers


Quantity Surveyors

Planning Consultants

Structural Engineers

Services Engineers

Geotechnical Engineers

Tree Surgeons


Main Contractor/Builders


Stone Masons



Window Fitters


Electricians (Fire and Security Engineers, AV specialists, IT specialists, BMS specialists)

Plumbers/ Heating Engineers


Landscape Gardeners

Concrete Specialists

Kitchen Fitters


Microgeneration Installers

Central Vacuum Installers

Other Specialist Contractors


Planning Officers

Building Control Officers

Warranty Inspectors


The list can go on!


Give your project the best chances of success by choosing good people and managing the construction team effectively,

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