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Cloud Nine Living


Cloud Nine Living are a company based in Cornwall who produce prefabricated, timber framed eco homes. Their focus is on offering a simple, contemporary and eco-friendly solution for house builders.

They began trading in 2006, so they are relatively new to the kit house sector but this has allowed them to come at things with a fully integrated approach using proven technology, resulting in strong and highly efficient structures with energy needs supplemented by microgeneration.

Prices start around £90,000 and sizes range from 64m2 for a 2 bed detached to 236m2 for a 3/4 bed deluxe detached.


Cloud Nine houses are designed so that the building itself is as energy efficient as possible, keeping energy requirements to a minimum. Designs are relatively simple but the standard range can be customised with a series of options:

  • Alternative timber species for cladding.
  • Coloured render.
  • It is possible to use brick or other masonry cladding with the system.
  • Hardwood windows and doors.
  • Pitched roof options instead of the standard flat roof.
  • A green roof.
  • A range of interior styles.
  • Decking, pergolas and balustrades.


Modules are manufactured in Poland close to sources of timber which reduces material imports, keeping prices competitive and on-site construction times to a minimum. Finished modules are shipped to the UK for erection.

The frame utilises a closed panel timber frame system but instead of using cut timber members as the framework, engineered timber members are used. High strength timber structural elements such as I beams can be ‘engineered’ using gluing and laminating techniques. Not only are these pieces strong but they are also less likely to warp or deform.


Groundworks and foundations are the responsibility of the self builder and you’ll also need to make arrangements for a crane to lift the modules into position. They do provide detailed information for this and will send an inspector in advance of the delivery to ensure all this is correct before the frame arrives.

Once the modules are craned into position, an assembly team seals the joints, fits the heating system and carries out final checks. All of this should be completed in around 10 days and the house is then ready to move in to.

These houses have incredibly quick on-site construction times and the company estimates that on average a project will take a total of 4 or 5 months.

Cloud Nine work with partners across the UK and Europe who can help with other aspects of your project from planning advice to full project management.


All their homes are constructed using natural and sustainably sourced materials including natural timber fibre board insulation and each standard house comes with an air source heat pump for heating and a solar hot water system. An air heat exchange pump ventilates living spaces whilst capturing and recycling expelled heat energy.

Higher levels of the code can be acheived with the help of additional options including:

  • photovoltaics
  • rainwater harvesting
  • Wood burning/biomass stoves

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