About Us

This site came about from the founder’s lifelong interest in construction and in particular the fulfilment of a dream to build his own home.

Inspired by ambitious DIY projects with his Dad and watching his parents’ house being built when he was young, he finished school and went to university to study for a degree in Construction Management.

Gaining experience working in various areas of the industry from a small house building and barn conversion company in the Yorkshire Dales to major contractors in the UK and US on large scale mixed use projects and even running his own small building business for a while.

After a number of renovations he found a good plot and got the opportunity to self build his own home. The experience was every bit as gratifying as hoped and even more so for sharing it with his long suffering wife who spent many hours mixing mortar and lugging materials, not to mention enduring some pretty uncomfortable living conditions at times.

Great fun!…

It was with this experience fresh in their minds that they decided to create this website to share and help other Self Builders achieve their dream.

The website has grown to include input from like-minded self builders, renovators and construction professionals.

We hope you enjoy visiting The Self Build Guide and find it useful throughout your build. If you like our site, pass it on to any of your friends, family or colleagues who might be interested in taking the plunge.

Feedback is most welcome, so please get in touch if you have any ideas about how we can improve the site, or the information, for all our visitors.

Don’t forget to visit us again and you can always sign up to our RSS feed or our E-Zine to stay up to date with new additions.

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The Self Build Guide