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Date added: 13 July 2011

The report by the Government-Industry Self Build Working Group on how to promote the growth of self build housing has been made public today, with a formal announcement expected by Grant Shapps next week.

In January of this year, the Minister for Housing and Local Government, achknowledged the many benefits of self build housing and declared his intention to create a "self build revolution". His aim was to significantly expand the sector and make self build an accessible housing option for more people.

A Government-Industry Working Group was set up and coordinated by Ted Stephens, the chairman of the National Self Build Association (NaSBA), and several sub-groups have focussed their efforts on the major areas presenting barriers to self building, including the following:

  • Land and Procurement.
  • Finance and Lending.
  • Regulation and Red Tape.
  • Communication and Information.

Today's report sets out the vision for self build in the UK and the challenges currently faced. Input from a wide range of individuals and organisations (including yours truly) and the lessons learned from self build models around the World have culminated in this report and a set of actions which the Government and Industry can use to move forward and promote the growth of self build housing.

If you were interested in self building your own home, but thought it wasn't a viable option for you, or, if you made a start and ran into one of the many hurdles, keep an eye on the developments and hopefully as the change gathers momentum, completing your own build will once again become a reality.

Visit the National Self Build Association (NaSBA)

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