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There are so many interesting and significant events taking place in the world of self build at the moment, that we thought it might be useful to add this self build news section to highlight a few of the most interesting ones.

We often link to articles and news snippets from other websites in our Blog page, from our facebook page and on twitter, but we thought it would be good to have a dedicated section to collect some of the most significant stories in one place on the site.

If you spot anything interesting in the news that you think would appeal to our visitors, please get in touch.

Community Infrastructure Levy Stifling Self Build (External Link) - 12 September 2012

The results of a survey by NaSBA on the impact of the Community Infrastructure Levy have been released today.

The Self Build Portal - 30 April 2012

The new Self Build Portal website is launched.

National Planning Policy Framework - Final Version - 28 March 2012

Planning policy takes account of people wishing to build their own homes for the first time ever.

Government Announces £30 Million Self Build Fund - 24 November 2011

The Government's new housing strategy includes an allocation of £30 million for short term self build finance.

Self Builders Should Consider Small, Local Lenders - 18 October 2011

Self builders have been advised by the Building Societies Association (BSA) to contact smaller local lenders.

National Planning Policy Framework - 20 September 2011

Planning policy could take account of self build for the first time ever.

1 in 3 Would Self Build - 7 August 2011

New research by Norwich and Peterborough Building Society finds that 1 in 3 people would self build within the next 5 years if finance was available, 1 in 9 would do it within 12 months.

Communities and Local Government Press Notice - 21 July 2011

It's official! - Grant Shapps has welcomed the self build action plan and highlighted the significant steps the Government has already taken as part if its commitment to expanding the self build sector.

BBC News Article - Self-build: Should people build their own homes? - 19 July 2011

Ahead of Grant Shapps' official launch of the self build action plan later this week, BBC News writer Tom de Castella weighs opinion.

The Government/Industry Self Build Working Group Action Plan. - 13 July 2011

The Report by the Government/Industry Working Group, set up earlier this year to find ways to promote the growth of self build as a housing option in the UK has been completed and made public.

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