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Our site is designed to assist you in building your own home and this section lets you have a look at our build and other people's self build houses. It's always great to have a look at the photos and hear stories from people who've been there and done it whether it's for research or just a bit of inspiration.

Self Built House Yorkstone and Slate

The Founder's Self Build - 4 bed detached with Yorkstone facing and a slate roof.

Barn Style Build Thumbnail John and Penny's Barn Style Home

John and Penny didn't set out to self build until they stumbled upon their perfect plot.

Log Home in Scotland Log Built Eco Home.

The remote location of this build created plenty of problems for Steve Carter but the result is a stunning home in idyllic surroundings. Have a look at his entertaining and informative diary with some excellent photos to boot.

The Prism Huf Haus The Prism House

Richard Thurbon's award winning Huf Haus enjoys spectacular views of the Chiltern Hills.

Timber Frame Build Timber Frame

Timber frame build with a slate roof, brick facing and hardwood windows.

Green Butterfly Roof Creative Design Incorporating A Green Butterfly Roof

No updates from Oli for a while but can have a look at the story so far though. The last we heard he was getting quotes from builders and we'll hopefully have some more news soon.

Woodland Home Woodland Home

Simon and his family have moved on to new projects but their woodland home is an inspiring build in it's purest form and a magical home. Simon and his low impact home are part of a much larger sustainable movement.

Have a look through the rest of our site for information on all aspects of building your own home.

We hope you enjoy your visit!


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