How Our Site Is Financed

We wanted to take a moment just to let you know how our site is financed.

Whilst we would love to be in a position to bring this site and all the information to you without any thought for a financial return, we do need to generate revenue to keep it going (until we win the lottery that is!).

There are many ways of generating income from a website and in the interests of openness and honesty we wanted to share with you how we do it:


Adsense is a way for web publishers like ourselves to generate revenue from a site. Google operates two programs called Adwords and Adsense.

Adwords allows businesses to place adverts for their products and services on the internet and Adsense allows publishers to host these adverts and generate an income everytime someone clicks on the ad.

We place Adsense code provided by Google on our pages and Google then 'reads' the page to find out what the content is about and then serve relevant adverts in the boxes. On occassion these ads may not be relevant to the page content but will be related to previous searches or pages visited by the internet user.

Google Adsense Ads in these boxes may simply be text with titles, descripitons and URL'S, image ads or rich media ads.

Each time a visitor clicks on one of these ads we receive a small 'pay-per-click' payment.

You can see these ad boxes throughout the site where it says 'Ads by Google' or 'AdChoices'.

Affiliate Schemes

Affiliate Marketing is another way for publishers like us to generate income. Many companies have affiliate schemes which publishers can join to refer visitors to their products and services. If, after clicking through, the visitor makes a purchase, the referring publisher receives a commission.

Examples include:

We only suggest affiliate products which we think will be relevant and useful to our visitors. I will be going through the site in due course and adding an identifying mark such as a * to all such links.

Direct Advertising

In addition to the Adsense advertising we also sell some advertising directly. Companies contact us directly requesting to place ads on our site. We review the proposal and if we feel it is suitable we agree a time period and a price and the ad stays live on the site for this period. Payment is a set price and not based on click-through numbers.

All direct ads on the site are identified by the heading 'Advertisements'.

Many thanks and wishing you all the best,

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