Home Builder

by Jamie

Me and my wife made the decision to build our own house several years ago after we became disillusioned by inflated house prices and lack of availability in the area we were looking. One of the biggest hurdles we had to cross, and one which proved to be a real sticking point, was finding the right building plot. It's the single most important (and not to mention costly) thing you'll need to do as a self-builder, so it's important you get it right.

We spent months driving the countryside of Warwickshire trying to find the perfect patch of land but there really isn't much out there if you don't know where to look. We obviously sought the help of estate agents who tried their best, and we attended numerous auctions as well, but we weren't really finding what we really wanted. That's when I turned my attention online and started looking at several websites that listed land for sale here in the UK. After a couple of weeks of constant checking, we found what looked to be an ideal plot, right where we'd been looking. We made our enquiries and not long after, we had our plot - the purchase process was quick and simple and it gave us the impetus to push on and achieve our dream.

I cannot emphasise the importance of the web enough - it really is an invaluable source of information when looking to building a home. As I said, there are numerous sites out there and you should check them all. As a starter, you should have a look at Plotfinder, Prime Location, and Building Plots for Sale. Good luck!

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